August 5, 2019

Story 2: lost and found

“Where is it?” he was already irritated but now he was getting totally pissed off. “What happened with the fucking thing?”

“What are you looking for, honey?” she gave him the look without even looking at him. He knew it. He felt it.

“Oh, just you know, that… this thing… Have you seen it?” there was a hope in his voice. She usually could locate anything lost to him for ages within a matter of minutes.

“Try under the stairs?”

Under the stairs, there was a space. It was sloping and full of too big shelves. On the shelves, too big crates were containing what seemed like all their possessions. He opened the door and sighed. This would take a while.

In the first crate, he found one of his wedding shoes with broken lace. He put it aside. It was still a good shoe. He just needed to change the lace and then it would be good to wear again. But not now, he thought, now he needed to find something else.

He went deeper with his hand in the first crate. There on the bottom, he found one of their children’s’ toys. It was still good but children grew out of it. It was an expensive toy, made of wood, he thought, it would be perfect to keep it for their grandchildren. He put it back in and carried on with searching.

He switched the crates now. In the second one, he found something he wished he didn’t. A necklace. This particular necklace he gave to her after a huge fight that they had. She never really liked it, so most likely that was the reason it was here. But still, it did hurt him a bit. She didn’t care, apparently.

“It would be seriously easier if you just told me what you’re looking for,” she said and gave him another look. It was burning through his back. He knew it.

“I think I almost have it,” he murmured and carried on with searching.

In the next crate, he found sports gear from that one ski trip that they all took several years back. No, they never went again but the gear was still good and it would be wasteful to just throw it away. It was a nice trip except for the fight that they had. It wasn’t about anything in particular, just couples fight that was all.

He was getting desperate now. The next crate. More and more stuff with more and more painful memories attached to them. Fights, broken fingers, accidents, more fights. Just normal family life.

“I can’t watch this,” she got off the couch and went into the kitchen to get some water.

“I have it!” a shout of triumph came from under the stairs. “I have found the scissors!”

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