August 19, 2019

Story 4 the family life

We were all standing on the school yard waiting for the children.

“Some time ago… it seems like ages ago, well it might be correct actually,” one of the mothers started to talk to me, “we were also waiting for children. Not our children but just children.”

We laughed. It was true. Some centuries ago we were waiting in the dark forests, under their beds, in their closets.

“No one was safe and now…” she continued. “We all have moved on. Grown up. Like, take the count Dracula for instance. Immortality my ass, with three kids, he looks more of a daddy than a prince of darkness. He has a belly and retreating hairline.” she chuckled.

“I also prefer to get a good night sleep instead of chasing kids in the forest. My evil witch days are over,” I said with a sad voice but actually I wasn’t that sad about it. After a century or two it just got really boring and immature thing to do. “I believe we haven’t met? Evil Witch.”

“Nice to meet you, Evil Witch. I’m Medusa.”

“Ooh, right. Now, I can see the snake hair.”

All of her hair seemed asleep in a tight bun on top of her head.

“Yes, I need to medicate them all the time,” Medusa complained. “The snakes are not a good idea around small kids and very impractical around the kitchen. It does cost a ton of money, though. At least, I don’t have Hydra’s problems.”

“Oh, what’s up with her?”

“Haven’t you heard? After that nasty business with Hercules she was left with several heads. And she gets migraines in at least one of them every day.”

“Poor thing.”

There was a moment of silence and I thought our little chit chat was actually over.

“Yeah… Me and some girls are planning lunch together and perhaps some entertainment. Would you like to join us?”

“That would depend on the date… and the entertainment,” I really wasn’t in the mood for good old entertainment. I really didn’t miss the old times that much.

“Next week, wednesday,” she smiled in a conspiracy matter. “We are going to a lecture on legendary creatures. Imagine this, people think we never existed!”

“We, as well, might have never existed,” I cut her off. I wasn’t in the mood for any lectures considering my legendary status. “I mean look at us. Someone else took over our place in the dark corners because we moved on. Grew up. What do they scare kids with these days? Eat your veggies or I’ll take your smartphone away!”

The kids ran on the school yard and a small chaos erupted. Parents were trying to get to their offspring and to arrange some playdates. And after a while the school yard got empty and we all went home to our family lives.

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