July 25, 2019

Hello, world! I’m a writer.

Every website needs to start somewhere. Every story has to start somewhere as well. My story begins here with this website.

I have not planed to be a writer. I have never even tried writing before. It has never occurred to me to write something. Something creative. To craft a story, to come up with a plot, characters, setting, names, wishes, and obstacles. I was never encouraged to write by my teachers, either. Actually, quite the opposite, “You are better at math.”

While discovering my artistic soul it turned out that writing helps. Strangely, it also went beyond therapeutic and it became a full-fledged project. You can read about that in my project 12 post on a different blog.

Writing gives me wings and brings me joy. Am I good at it? I don’t know. Is that going to stop me? What do you think? Of course not. Creative writing became my latest hobby. I feel it getting out of control already.

At the moment I am participating in CampNaNoWriMo 2019. The results I will be publishing on this blog and via @vslostories Instagram.


Reasons. Mostly, because why the hell not 😉

If you feel a need to contact me @vslostories Instagram is the best way.

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